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She Wants To Send Him A Letter...

Prescient Yet Ridiculed Forecasters, Today's soundtrack: Kiss, “Rock And Roll Overâ€? Yeah, it's time for the Knights In Satana's Service. Having seen “Role Modelsâ€? twice this week I feel it necessary to follow Cheap Trick’s lead and get my Kiss records out, if only to hear Paul Stanley sing “’cause ya ain’t enough lady to keep the Master satisfied.â€? It’s amazing: these guys wrote music for eleven-year-olds, yet every song was about fucking. A neat trick to pull off, and one that made sure they themselves could live like eleven-year-olds for the rest of their lives. Goddamn I wish I were Kiss. New episode of “The 40 Year Old Boyâ€? now wondering, “what’s with the Friday posting bullshit?â€? This week tears the scab off of old wounds and gives you a reason to boil your mail. Episodes are always available here on the site and at myspace.com/mikeschmidtcomedy. iPod and Zune users can now subscribe right here on the site; go to the podcast page for fast and easy linkage. No more cutting and pasting for you folks. You...you've earned it. A couple more things to bring to your attention; first, don’t forget to visit comedyfilmnerds.com, as the site just keeps getting more popular. Go now so you can tell everyone you were there in the beginning. Second, come see me, Jackie Kashian and Chris Mancini from comedyfilmnerds as we do the “Comics On Comicsâ€? show this Wednesday, Nov. 19. All the information you need is available at comicsoncomics.com; come out and watch us all try to out-dork one another. My money’s on Jackie in a walk. Mike 11/14/08


What!? No post for 35? After 8 months of free funny, I suppose you've earned it; I can only hope that you're busy battling another wayward erection. Today's phallus may be innocent, but you've got a score to settle! My money has you knocking this prick out in the third round--unless it takes a dive.

I may be over-thinking this. I hope I'm over-thinking this. I...

...need professional help. Thanks Mike!

Hey Mike,

Quick question...I'm just curious what's the name and artist of the longer song at the end of episode 32 of the 40-Year-Old-Boy from 10/29. I really like the music on it, kind of reminded me of the Ray Parker 80's music style.

Keep up the good work on the podcast. Your storytelling abilities are impeccable (not to mention the stories themselves), and I know this because if anyone else tried to tell stories as extensive as some of yours, I would zone out very early on in the proceedings. Thanks for keeping me entertained and laughing every week.


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